Making An Espresso ... Pot!


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  • Coffeediction
    Coffeediction  19 hours back

    Alluminium coffee, dont drink this

    • John Livingston
      John Livingston  1 days back

      Got the espresso... still waiting for the pot lol, nice build. I used mine everyday.

      • Rocksie Crawler
        Rocksie Crawler  2 days back

        the process of cleaning up the underdeveloped first thread is called thread "clipping".
        great video!! will be watching more from your channel!

        • Jon Alexander
          Jon Alexander  3 days back

          If you wear those nitrile gloves in the finishing process you do not have to clean up your fingerprints.

          • Moto-Medics
            Moto-Medics  5 days back

            22:50 for fellow cheap asses like myself I appreciate the input

            • TheGreatSnoozer
              TheGreatSnoozer  6 days back

              Did you really just hand drill the hinge joint?

              • Daniel McLellan
                Daniel McLellan  1 weeks back

                aluminum alloys in acidic conditions leach horribly. Please put this one on the knickknack shelf and redo in steel.

                • Chuck Philpot
                  Chuck Philpot  1 weeks back

                  Thin wall is .008" lol. .125 is bigger than the whole parts some guys gotta make 😂

                  • Marco Antonio
                    Marco Antonio  2 weeks back

                    15:03 "oh fuck he's gonna snap that milling bit"
                    15:14 not surprised

                    • lennier1
                      lennier1  2 weeks back

                      Awesome project!
                      Nice move, hiring a shop assistant who'll accept payment in cookies and waffles. 😁

                      • Snazzback
                        Snazzback  2 weeks back

                        Not pictured: New 4 cup espresso pot purchased as a reference

                        • TheOneDan
                          TheOneDan  2 weeks back

                          What is this Thal measurement you use?? Iv'e never heard of it

                          • Dave Kavanagh
                            Dave Kavanagh  3 weeks back

                            I dont know if I can believe that a man can be, my favourite youtuber, great teacher, great sense of humour, quite obviously a hard worker AND be such a great dad... I dunno, I reckon you gotta give the kids a beating every now and then to give balance back to the universe 😂 😂, those smiles are always infectious 😁

                            • Todd Cooper
                              Todd Cooper  3 weeks back

                              Seems like you need to oxide the aluminum surface first before using it otherwise you may experience aluminum poisoning.

                              • Makan Tahi
                                Makan Tahi  3 weeks back

                                nice, but i wouldn not use aluminum to eat and to drink from, it is almost toxic, second how you regulate pressure of vapor, i have dolce gusto caffe machine and i tried to save some money and to reduce plastic in use for eat and drink so i ordered stainless steel reusable cup: but they did not make good pressure valve because for good coffe must be right temperature and right pressure, othervise bad no tasty coffe, so i had to make spring loaded adjustable valve in many tries

                                • alan dento
                                  alan dento  3 weeks back

                                  So good that he's stop using they silly vocabulary

                                  • Werner Von Braun
                                    Werner Von Braun  4 weeks back

                                    Wont aluminium become toxic when it interacts with hot liquids?

                                    • Mark Harris
                                      Mark Harris  4 weeks back

                                      That’s why my expresso never turns out so good, I don't use a butane torch to make it...and no WD40.

                                      When I was a chef I was told that expresso was the fundamentally the original type of coffee to come out of Arabia about 500 years ago. Who knew they had metal lathes, milling machines and computers back then?

                                      Another superb video and excellent build.

                                      • HonestL
                                        HonestL  4 weeks back

                                        7:55, Not sure if that's a clever Grimes joke from Black Hawk Down, but I like it

                                        • Terry K
                                          Terry K  4 weeks back

                                          Thanks for the video. Must take as much time to make the video as it does to make the part! I like that you show enough of the details to where I could almost make that project myself... but I'm headed for Starbucks!

                                          • Homo Sapiens QP
                                            Homo Sapiens QP  4 weeks back

                                            Aluminum and acidic coffee? Seems like a great idea to get Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease.

                                            • Gerd Schaffer
                                              Gerd Schaffer  4 weeks back

                                              Well most likely old Tony didn`t use aluminum suitable for food anyway.....just some industrial stuff.......gag.
                                              As the video is 3 Years old it´s to late now .

                                          • Wesley Townsend
                                            Wesley Townsend  4 weeks back

                                            Great job! Now you need a tamper to pack the grounds down good and tight. Thanks for this. So I get where you are coming from on projects like these. I am an electrical engineer but my true passion is custom wood working and I own a custom wood working shop. When I don’t have a customer project to work on, I find myself really testing my skill and knowledge with my tools. So I get it and thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one who does this sort of thing.
                                            All the best to you and yours!!

                                            • Ray Mitchell
                                              Ray Mitchell  1 months back

                                              Ah... you can make a WD-40 cappuccino with that espresso pot... but none for me, thanks.

                                              • Lord Samich
                                                Lord Samich  1 months back

                                                Just saying:


                                                • Ironbomb
                                                  Ironbomb  1 months back

                                                  I wish I had an Optimus Prime shop welder! Nice! 🤣😂👍♥️😎

                                                  • Hans Moleman
                                                    Hans Moleman  1 months back

                                                    sub'd for the dope beats

                                                    • bokkenrijder172
                                                      bokkenrijder172  1 months back

                                                      @21:55 "Nothing says quite 'professional' like filming your own screen." 🤣 👍🏻

                                                      • BrainStormKZ
                                                        BrainStormKZ  1 months back

                                                        The first coffee i ever tasted was brewed in such a pot. We call it an "Italian nut", because the most common type here has the angular shape of a nut. I'm still brewing my coffee every morning in such a pot. Not as strong as a real espreeso, from a proper high-pressure machine, but still beats every other alternative! And you made this just right! Good job!

                                                        • Brian Winter
                                                          Brian Winter  1 months back

                                                          "If you think it looks bad now, you just wait until we're finished!" LOL!!! Love your vijaeos, learned about it from AvE, you have a new subscriber!

                                                          • Andero
                                                            Andero  1 months back

                                                            I feel an odd ways. I wasn't ready for the video to end. Weird way to spend 30 minutes... What

                                                            • Colin Quintin
                                                              Colin Quintin  1 months back

                                                              The nuance of your commenting has me dying 😂🤣 "[and that's the primary reason I don't like cutting perfectly polished od threads]" gold

                                                              • Das TIER
                                                                Das TIER  1 months back

                                                                You could just add a second port above the water line where you could add WD-40.

                                                                WD-40 displaces the water, forcing it through the coffee which would make this worlds first room-temperature espresso maker.

                                                                • Bruce Washington
                                                                  Bruce Washington  1 months back

                                                                  I loved the quote from Demosthenes. Still laughing!

                                                                  • Brandon Tarr
                                                                    Brandon Tarr  1 months back

                                                                    I thought I was just watching another cool machining video. Then I learn about a Higbee thread and how to cut it. Mind blown...

                                                                    • Sean Brossard
                                                                      Sean Brossard  1 months back

                                                                      Tony thank you for your hard work. Your editing of this was about perfect I only forwarded twice and only 10 seconds. As one other said I usually don't watch anything over the 15min tops but I knew your build would have a tricky mating work. To bad you didn't show the math and how you got there. Did you have to trim some off the top of the boiler or were your calculations right? Did you account for compression of the seal? Love your sense of humor and how you overcome a problem.

                                                                      • Ian Vicedomini
                                                                        Ian Vicedomini  2 months back

                                                                        I liked this very much. Like yourself, i wouldn't say i was deep into espresso but the percolator is a nice thing to have around if you fancy an occasional up lift of refreshment. Great video mate

                                                                        • Bence Lajos Tóth
                                                                          Bence Lajos Tóth  2 months back

                                                                          tastes like espresso, with a hint of wd40... glad that gig came last, I'm in tears :D

                                                                          • Hillbilly Buzz
                                                                            Hillbilly Buzz  2 months back

                                                                            Great work, i only have one thing against it Aluminum is bad to cook anything with as aluminum getting into the body builds up in your system and has been linked to brain issues Stainless maybe?

                                                                            • Morning Midnight
                                                                              Morning Midnight  2 months back

                                                                              You mean a moka pot? Which it not an espresso

                                                                              • IOUaUsername
                                                                                IOUaUsername  2 months back

                                                                                If you made one out of Delrin, you could use a microwave as the heat source. Perfect for workplace lunchrooms where there's only a microwave and you wouldn't trust your coworkers to not infect your espresso machine with cooties.

                                                                                • ابو علي :
                                                                                  ابو علي :  2 months back


                                                                                  • Matt Ward
                                                                                    Matt Ward  2 months back

                                                                                    i love how you just cut yourself off all the time. hilarious.

                                                                                    • CanadaBud23
                                                                                      CanadaBud23  2 months back

                                                                                      "..So, I don't see any aluminum chips in there..." I have this thought whenever I'm making something and I happen to set my coffee/beer down a little to close by the machine.. or welder.., or grinder.., or lathe... or...

                                                                                      • Bit Drive
                                                                                        Bit Drive  2 months back

                                                                                        The song makes me want to go to french village at the coast and slowly walk through the town while memories are recalled as I go to a white and blue lighthouse just in viewing distance of the houses. I open the door of the small house next to the lighthouse and everyone is there.The song continues as everyone is laughing and sharing stories as the sun he’s down

                                                                                        • Jordan Conradt
                                                                                          Jordan Conradt  2 months back

                                                                                          professional quality product right there

                                                                                          • protator
                                                                                            protator  2 months back

                                                                                            The pot is great, you probably shouldn't actually drink espresso made in it, though.
                                                                                            Aluminum isn't really food save, especially when it comes to hot foods/drinks.

                                                                                            • Michele Mazzei
                                                                                              Michele Mazzei  2 months back

                                                                                              Vero espresso all 'italiana🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

                                                                                              • Tim Dodson
                                                                                                Tim Dodson  2 months back

                                                                                                nice job, jealous that you have your own CNC