BTS (방탄소년단) Intro: Persona + 상남자(Boy In Luv) + 작은 것들을 위한 시(Boy With Luv) + 소우주 + Dionysus @ 2019 MMA


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  • Tiara K
    Tiara K  2 minutes back

    11:49 what jhope says it make me wanna cry😭💜💜💜

    • Maryanggg Happiness
      Maryanggg Happiness  4 minutes back

      Small YouTuber here ❤️❤️

      • Maryanggg Happiness
        Maryanggg Happiness  4 minutes back

        Jin in the center at Boy In Luv 😍😍😍

        • Maryanggg Happiness
          Maryanggg Happiness  6 minutes back

          Taehyung's deep voice ❤️❤️❤️

          • Maryanggg Happiness
            Maryanggg Happiness  7 minutes back

            Taehyung as my living anime ❤️❤️😍😍😍

            • BVpinkninja
              BVpinkninja  14 minutes back

              Is it an Award show or a BTS concert ? I’m confused

              • Gali StL
                Gali StL  41 minutes back

                Amo demasiado a Hobi 💜💜💜💜❤

                • 방탄Vee
                  방탄Vee  47 minutes back

                  G tau mo bilng apa. Yg jelas KEREN bgt. Bakat bet.. Jjang

                  • M G
                    M G  52 minutes back

                    I love their minds 💜👍

                    • aldan walpaper
                      aldan walpaper  1 hours back

                      I LIKE THE SWAN ILOVE YOU [email protected]💖💖

                      • c h
                        c h  1 hours back

                        RM has murdered me and I am dead

                        • Therence Dutallas
                          Therence Dutallas  2 hours back

                          That was the most electrifying awards performance i’ve ever seen.

                          • __jh;
                            __jh;  2 hours back

                            the dance break during dionysus.... ABSOLUTELY NO WORDS. every little detail is SO mesmerising and so well choreographedADFKJDK THIS PERFORMANCE REALLY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO BE TOPPED BY ANYONE ELSE EVER

                            • M G
                              M G  51 minutes back


                          • Kathleeney V.
                            Kathleeney V.  2 hours back

                            Considering that 2 years ago, only few in South Korea knew of their names. I am beyond proud of them. They symbolize effort, consistency and sincerity.

                            They deserve everything in the world!

                            • thien nguyenphuong
                              thien nguyenphuong  2 hours back

                              good :))))

                              • Kim Cortez
                                Kim Cortez  2 hours back


                                • Trollichica 365
                                  Trollichica 365  3 hours back

                                  Gracias big hit por subir los mma no los podrías subir envío para poder gritar * si buscas el come tardío en español está aquí si puedo lo pueden traducir para big hit*

                                  • Lee Hi
                                    Lee Hi  3 hours back

                                    I feel so sorry for other artists who didn’t get to perform because of this.
                                    MMA is so biased. Why call it an award show? & give 36 mins to one artist? Might as well call it MELON MUSIC AWARD FOR BTS ONLY!

                                    I feel so sorry for Mamamoo & other artists. I really do.

                                    K-POP has been nothing but BTS being shoved at people’s throats! I honestly feel suffocated!

                                    It’s all about BTS~! & disrespecting other artists!

                                    I hate it!!!
                                    It makes me want to leave the K-POP world because it’s nothing but biased charity award shows & disrespect after disrespect!

                                    THIS GOES FOR MAMA AS WELL!

                                    • Unknown Creature
                                      Unknown Creature  30 minutes back

                                      @Tae Tae Right. It makes me throw up to read something like that because nobody made that type of comments when BTS were rejected by everyone in South Korea. What disgusting people can be...
                                      Also, many groups did not accept the attend the show, so it's normal BTS gets more time and they deserve it.

                                    • Tae Tae
                                      Tae Tae  54 minutes back

                                      Lee Hi go cry about it somewhere else. bts used to get CUT from broadcasts, weren’t allowed to perform and so much other shit because they were from a small company. They deserve to have this long of a performance.

                                  • Skrprmstw Film
                                    Skrprmstw Film  3 hours back

                                    I was wrongly focused, when I heard there was a strains of gamelan in the J-hope section. Is that really the strains of gamelan? or I was wrong

                                    • mitzy altamirano
                                      mitzy altamirano  3 hours back

                                      😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😘😘💖💖💖 BTS 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘💖💖💖

                                      • 미국개엄마-US Dog Mom


                                        • Daiana C
                                          Daiana C  3 hours back

                                          Sin palabras, orgullosa de stanear a leyendas

                                          • Se un ídolo
                                            Se un ídolo  3 hours back

                                            No te pases, se mega rifaroooon¡¡¡¡¡

                                            • Hanan Amani
                                              Hanan Amani  4 hours back

                                              stagenya mikrokosmos bukan maen coy

                                              • kenta ineza
                                                kenta ineza  4 hours back

                                                I cried when they wrote"I love you " in all languages possible 😭 I saw "NAKUPENDA"😭

                                                • Naho Yasukawa
                                                  Naho Yasukawa  4 hours back

                                                  Boy in luv(;_;)This is the most favorite of their songs

                                                  • Sofii Martinez
                                                    Sofii Martinez  4 hours back


                                                    • ATaylor Productions
                                                      ATaylor Productions  4 hours back

                                                      BTS what it stands for me..

                                                      Souls of the world. hehe made that up.

                                                      • yenifer culquicondor mondragon

                                                        te amo bts son los mejores en todo
                                                        el mejor es v

                                                        • Graciela Cazenave
                                                          Graciela Cazenave  5 hours back

                                                          Jungkook is me playing in a puddle. Don’t worry I’m a child not some 50 year old playing in puddles

                                                          • Death Bringer
                                                            Death Bringer  5 hours back

                                                            goosebump performances

                                                            • Kenlee Reynolds
                                                              Kenlee Reynolds  5 hours back


                                                              YAS J hope YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS

                                                              • Diana A
                                                                Diana A  5 hours back

                                                                I'm not really hardest K-pop fan, but I'm really interested on that. Especially in BTS, cuz that was the first group I've ever seen from K-pop world and after that I started my long research on that world. BTS is a great and hard-working band with the really talented members. But I have a big question to their staffs or whoever prepared those expressions in deferent languages on that huge-ass digital mirror - why the hell they couldn't use any translator for Russian "I love you"? There was a rude mistake in "я тебЯ люблю". I don't think that Russian army's were really happy to see that. At least I wasn't, considering the fact that I'm not even an army. Great performance, greatest band, not very smart and attentive staffs.

                                                                • Unknown Creature
                                                                  Unknown Creature  28 minutes back

                                                                  Seems like you've never made a mistake in your life... Incredible.

                                                                • Tae Tae
                                                                  Tae Tae  53 minutes back

                                                                  Diana A it was a simple mistake?? so like chill out lmao. russian army didn’t even make a big thing about it.

                                                              • Avril Rose Juanes
                                                                Avril Rose Juanes  6 hours back

                                                                JIN OMG WHAT THE F!!!

                                                                • Monica Shim
                                                                  Monica Shim  6 hours back

                                                                  that moment right when joon says, "are you ready for this? are you ready to get hyped up?" sis I got goosebumps all over me cause that's when I actually realized... holy this just happened

                                                                  • R pan
                                                                    R pan  6 hours back

                                                                    Ok but like how amazballs is it that they’re able to perform their older songs with just as much love as their new songs

                                                                    • Соня Гвритишвили

                                                                      Я была в долгих поисках русскоязычного коментарии, но так и не нашла, но знайте 😍МЫ ВАС ЛЮБИМ. WE LOVE YOU, FROM RUSSIA 😘🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺☺

                                                                      • M T
                                                                        M T  6 hours back

                                                                        Holy fudging SHNITZLE

                                                                        • 내 앞에서 꺼져, 이 시금치야.


                                                                          Also, it would have been the funniest thing ever when they brought the horses and if 'Seoul Town Road' had started playing and then RM came out in like a cowboy hat, got on one of the horses and just started riding it around singing the song and the other members joined him on the stage later and all of them got on the horses and just started riding them all around too and the show would be pretty much just our boys riding on horses all around the stage bwahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂

                                                                          Lmao I just imagined that scenario all of a sudden!

                                                                          • 내 앞에서 꺼져, 이 시금치야.


                                                                            • Mr. Sunshine Handsome
                                                                              Mr. Sunshine Handsome  7 hours back

                                                                              If Michael Jackson was a group

                                                                              • Anyoline Taquire Dominguez

                                                                                cada año siempre sacan mejores presentaciones ... siempre digo esta vez no lo superan y al final terminan superándolo...
                                                                                siempre es así con ellos

                                                                                • Guadalupe Bernardo
                                                                                  Guadalupe Bernardo  7 hours back

                                                                                  Me encanto...son los mejores lo hicieron perfecto♥

                                                                                  • ssaramtenez mtneez
                                                                                    ssaramtenez mtneez  7 hours back

                                                                                    34:40 the first part of the dance break is N.O and they literally told us what song they will sing in mama

                                                                                    • shosha kpop
                                                                                      shosha kpop  8 hours back

                                                                                      So cute 🐸🌿💚
                                                                                      Whos army👇💜

                                                                                      • Viridiana Bernal
                                                                                        Viridiana Bernal  8 hours back

                                                                                        Esto de verdad es arte😍❤😭

                                                                                        • abn.ss17
                                                                                          abn.ss17  8 hours back

                                                                                          I don’t have anything against *BTS* but after last year they arrived on Guyo Daegin *EXO* on cool bikes and their performance was better, and *BTS* simply sang and danced at the same award as, for example, on Music Bank. Then this year they thought that they might look worse against the backdrop of *EXO* performances and decided to come on horseback and diversify their show. Sorry for my bad english.

                                                                                          • Unknown Creature
                                                                                            Unknown Creature  25 minutes back

                                                                                            Which EXO performance are you talking about please?

                                                                                          • Tae Tae
                                                                                            Tae Tae  52 minutes back

                                                                                            BTS outsold EXO . go cry about it somewhere else because BTS does not care about EXO. lmao.

                                                                                          • Turquoise Gem
                                                                                            Turquoise Gem  3 hours back

                                                                                            literally no one cares about exo's performance except for their fans .. and last year bts had the best performance for 'idol' at mma for which they won awards from critics so no they're not competing with exo or any other group and this is mma not some bootleg award show bts don't even promote there for more than a week cause they know it is a waste of their time

                                                                                        • rubi labastida
                                                                                          rubi labastida  8 hours back

                                                                                          I run out of breath just watching them, I can't imagine how tired they must be by the end of the day. Respect.