REPLAY: US Spacewalk #62 with Christina Koch and Jessica Meir (1/15/2020)


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  • Derek Jensen
    Derek Jensen  16 hours back

    what video are they not showing? or did i miss something during the eva

    • Silky Chan
      Silky Chan  4 days back

      I just loved how astronauts in their suits floats n drifts in space looked. How their colleagues putting the astronauts into n out of the airlock just like they weight nothing.

      • Sakura Moore
        Sakura Moore  5 days back

        To see the earth as it truly is, small and blue and beautiful
        that eternal silence where it floats, is to see ourselves as riders on the
        earth together, brothers on that bring loveliness💗❤️🤗 in the eternal cold – brothers who know
        now they are truly brothers.

        • Jason Best
          Jason Best  1 weeks back


          • Mike O
            Mike O  1 weeks back

            Hollywood chicks like Charlize Theron think they are bad asses. Pfffff. Now THESE chicks (including Stephanie) ARE bad asses!

            • Derek Jensen
              Derek Jensen  1 weeks back

              it is so amazing what these two ladies have done. It is such joy to watch them work and the communication that they have with Houston. Good job ladies

              • Robert Sutton
                Robert Sutton  1 weeks back

                1st for the decade
                How many more?

                • Rocketdyne
                  Rocketdyne  1 weeks back

                  I wonder if the NASA/ESA astronauts work with the ROSCOSMOS cosmonauts on a EVA?

                  • Raw Space
                    Raw Space   1 weeks back

                    Correction: non-NATIVE-English speaking astronauts. They probably did speak English. I'd have to go back and research.

                  • Raw Space
                    Raw Space   1 weeks back

                    @Robert Sutton Possibly, though numerous ESA and other non-English speaking astronauts have participated in spacewalks. Unlike all those other nations though, Russia actually has their own section of the space station, with their own mission needs. (There's a Japanese research module, but it's not staffed by Japanese astronauts.)

                  • Robert Sutton
                    Robert Sutton  1 weeks back

                    @Raw Space Language issues?

                  • Raw Space
                    Raw Space   1 weeks back

                    Good question. It has happened, but not for a long time. It looks like the last time a Russian cosmonaut did a spacewalk with anyone other than another Russian was on March 10, 2009 (Yuri Lonchakov and Michael Fincke).

                • Tim Card
                  Tim Card  1 weeks back


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