SNS 283: Busted Vise Repair, 69 Valiant Update, Texas Picks


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  • aaah tex
    aaah tex  2 days back


    • Popa Alexandru
      Popa Alexandru  3 days back

      I have seen welded vice (about the same place) but it did not hold.

      • Ruben Kelevra
        Ruben Kelevra  7 days back

        24:58 long sleeves working over a spinning lathe? That's bad practice!

        • Jakob
          Jakob  6 days back

          I was just about to write something similar! That looks like a bad accident waiting to happen.

      • Andrew Bird
        Andrew Bird  1 weeks back

        I'd love to dig that out of the scrap bin!

        • Kalle Piirainen
          Kalle Piirainen  1 weeks back

          I've been meaning to ask, since you do a reasonable amount of tool restorations, have you tried converting rust in a steam or electrolytic bath? The advantage would be that you don't remove (as much) material, especially if you continue by bluing the part afterwards.

          • Lexicon Devil
            Lexicon Devil  4 days back

            Rust removal need not be more complicated than soaking overnight in a citric acid or vinegar+salt bath.
            Commercial rust removal products are a fraud 9/10 will list the ‘active ingredient ‘ as a % of citric acid which will be minuscule anyway.
            Depends on your material and condition. Using the vice as a prime example as stated a bucket of water with some citric the rust will turn black give it a rinse,dry then oil and you’ll be good to go.

          • Kalle Piirainen
            Kalle Piirainen  1 weeks back

            @Joel Clarke Thanks for the input, I didn't account for hydrogen embrittlement - that's an important factor potentially. But I guess that's the point, it get pretty complex, expensive and potentially dangerous if you add phosphating as pre-treatment. And to be fair, carding and polishing with scotchbrite doesn't remove that much material that it would be that big of a concern outside conservation of historical objects and collectibles.

          • Joel Clarke
            Joel Clarke  1 weeks back

            Just a heads-up regarding electrolysis as there's a hydrogen embrittlement risk which could cause component failure; hardened tools and springs being most affected. Can be mitigated by heat-soaking of course but then you lose temper (pun?) meaning heat treatment would need to be reapplied. Complexification!! Other than that, it's a black magic process and one I've used successfully many times. It even strips paint and old jappaning. It can cause surface pitting however, as all red rust, even the inaccessible stuff, is removed before conversion - it doesn't happen in situ. Pitting can be avoided by treating with phosphoric acid well prior or instead of electrolysis. This will covert the red, iron (iii) oxide rust into iron phosphate. Not only kills it but stops it from returning. Importantly, the bulk of the conversion happens in situ meaning material does not get removed to the same extent. i.e.: less surface marring. Itcan also be used as a preventative measure which is a similar concept to bluing; just a different execution. Kissing cousins if you will.
            Alternatively, a high-pressure washer is an excellent option. It'll strip paint (yep), gunk and surface corrosion without removing any good metal and with minimal personal effort. Gets into all fiddly bits, and no chemicals!
            Just my two cents.

        • Jack Smith
          Jack Smith  1 weeks back

          vice looks to be a throw-a-way-- very dangerous ,, could explode when being tightened and fragments hit some one in the nuts

          • atozbikes
            atozbikes  6 days back

            But you trust the new one from Haerbor Freight? 🤣🤣🤣

        • eejay H
          eejay H  2 weeks back

          a lot of fucking about when it could be done with a grinder and good file in buggerall time

          • Andrew Bird
            Andrew Bird  1 weeks back

            I've never seen anyone tap a hole with a file.

          • Reino
            Reino  2 weeks back

            I am not totally sure what rod he used, but the bead looks like hard surface filler. Hard surface filler is extremely hard, rugged, and expensive. It typically is used to repair industrial digging equipment and other extremely wearing situations -- like in a vise. He would have likely ripped up his grinder and file if he tried. You need carbide or better to work with it efficiently.

        • Charlie K
          Charlie K  2 weeks back

          I wish that we have had such a machinist onboard the ships were I served as an engineer.

          • Brian Glassburn
            Brian Glassburn  2 weeks back

            A note for you: Dodge no longer makes the Ram. Ram became it's own product line in 2009. Dodge just makes the cars now.

            • Abom79
              Abom79   2 weeks back

              I’m well aware of Ram brand

          • Adam Steidl
            Adam Steidl  2 weeks back

            Nice DeWalt grinder, is that a 20v?

          • Ben Grogan
            Ben Grogan  2 weeks back

            I had never thought of welding a washer to a broken stud - that makes so much sense

            • 196LT
              196LT  3 weeks back

              When you TIG why do you pull your right hand away so slowly..?

              • Jack Smith
                Jack Smith  1 weeks back

                there right is called post crater

              • Ryal Deveau
                Ryal Deveau  3 weeks back

                The post gas, normally near 10 seconds, protects the weld until its “cool” to keep it from flash oxidation.

              • Jerry PEAL
                Jerry PEAL  3 weeks back

                196LT post purge of gas common

            • kenny
              kenny  3 weeks back

              A big reason for why I love machining is when things dont make them fit

              • The Crippled Angler
                The Crippled Angler  3 weeks back

                I had a hard time finding info but I have that exact vice. If he’s having trouble it is an Olympia tool 13-004. 4 inch vise. It seems like a good little vise for a small weld table

                • shubus
                  shubus  3 weeks back

                  I really love seeing old tools being saved from the scrap pile. Really clean work!

                  • Jay Kaye
                    Jay Kaye  3 weeks back

                    15:00 That was a beautiful bit of video. Really great.

                    • Michel VIDAL
                      Michel VIDAL  3 weeks back

                      Hello !
                      I am French.
                      I really appreciate your work because you are a purist like me!
                      Best regards.

                      • james brown
                        james brown  3 weeks back

                        china vise $49. new

                        • Lexicon Devil
                          Lexicon Devil  4 days back

                          You got ripped off mine was $9.98 with free shipping

                        • atozbikes
                          atozbikes  6 days back

                          What are you here?🤣🤣

                        • Paul Orchard
                          Paul Orchard  2 weeks back

                          Yeh, and disposable after its second use!

                        • kenny
                          kenny  3 weeks back

                          Yeah that is made of chinesium

                        • Nick Norton
                          Nick Norton  3 weeks back

                          @Jack van E Yes, I completely agree with you.

                      • Jim Lahey
                        Jim Lahey  4 weeks back

                        Is Alex wearing a bad wig?

                        • Jim Lahey
                          Jim Lahey  4 weeks back

                          Does it eventually damage the lathe, mills etc just stopping them dead?

                          • Dominique Hardie
                            Dominique Hardie  4 weeks back

                            I really wanted to see that washer/nut trick work. Great little tip.

                            • ieatyomama
                              ieatyomama  1 months back

                              Good job on the Valiant, I'm glad to see the engine compartment was left body color instead of rattle can spray bombing it black like a lot of people do. I would have painted the engine Hemi Orange to give it a more factory 340 look but that is the way you like it so that is all that matters. The 9.25 corporate read end looks good under it and a lot beefier than the 7.25 that was under it I'm sure.

                              • Robert Lafnear
                                Robert Lafnear  1 months back

                                That looks like an AWESOME bench vice..... my neighbor died and he had an old Wilson ( 1944-60) on his bench,. I bought it for $40. and Sand Blasted it, bought NEW jaws, new end cap, new horseshoe washer and handle........... when I finished RE-painting it I had a NEW OLD Vice................ it looks so good in my shop....... great job. 
                                LOVE what I see of your shop !

                                • jr neff
                                  jr neff  1 months back

                                  if I may the gas didn't hit the work fast enough or you was standing on the hose the gas hoses on a tig rig foot pressure can cut the argon off i was standing on my hose food grade pipe line bet my pay check that is what happen I was stand on my hose doing a tack on a 3in 316l line standing on the line made me have to cut out 1 foot both ways for bad tacks and i had a back purge going know i run a dry rig on every pipe i turn the gas on myself my syrrwave gas valve isn't fast enough to purge the tig torch out

                                  • Rolexor
                                    Rolexor  1 months back

                                    Adam, it is great to see you fix this. But would it be cost effective for this to be done if you were charging?

                                    • atozbikes
                                      atozbikes  6 days back

                                      That is the customers decision to make

                                    • jr neff
                                      jr neff  1 months back

                                      a 8inch wilton vise in McMaster carr new is over 900.00 the last i saw

                                    • Haze Anderson
                                      Haze Anderson  1 months back

                                      only if it can't be replaced (or has sentimental values)

                                  • Csab
                                    Csab  1 months back

                                    Alex got a hat on?

                                    • Victor Silva Antero
                                      Victor Silva Antero  1 months back

                                      Blablablablablabla??????????? OMG!!!!!!.

                                      • Andrey Bilous
                                        Andrey Bilous  1 months back

                                        Мужик, у тебя золотые руки! А мастерская - ваще суперовая, прямо как мини-завод! Ждем еще видео.

                                        • bomaite1
                                          bomaite1  2 months back

                                          I don't know anything about what you are doing, but you did such a good job of explaining, step by step, that I really felt like I went away with some solid knowledge. Very interesting and well done.

                                          • Papa Jon
                                            Papa Jon  2 months back

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                                            • Learning Electronics Cheaply

                                              I had a 1970 duster with a slant six, got it for free in 1985, I was 16, because it didn't run. It just need some points. Was a great first car. Was the same pea green, lol

                                              • hr 777
                                                hr 777  2 months back

                                                dodge magnum 360 is that the police interceptor engine? (nice)

                                                • The Gas Tap
                                                  The Gas Tap  1 months back

                                                  Magnum series engines are the 1992-2002 318 and 360 in dodge trucks. They differ slightly over the LA design but are very similar.

                                              • Passarote
                                                Passarote  2 months back

                                                Você e demais valeu !

                                                • Kelly Breckenridge
                                                  Kelly Breckenridge  2 months back

                                                  Always Enjoy these Adam 👍

                                                  • Victor Sandoval
                                                    Victor Sandoval  2 months back

                                                    What brand of wire wheels do you use?

                                                    • Cary Grant
                                                      Cary Grant  2 months back

                                                      who do we know with a big plastic tub of evaporust

                                                      • kalusovsky
                                                        kalusovsky  2 months back

                                                        One Canadian named Eric.

                                                    • Osillius
                                                      Osillius  2 months back

                                                      While you were turning down those bolt heads I was thinking about how the rest of us poor plebs just chuck it into a hand drill, tape the trigger, and grab a bit of sand paper... hehe!

                                                      • Joel Clarke
                                                        Joel Clarke  1 weeks back

                                                        You get to use a drill? You lucky bastard. :-)

                                                      • neo 71665
                                                        neo 71665  2 months back

                                                        I woulda just drilled the countersink in the jaws a tad bigger

                                                    • aubreyaub
                                                      aubreyaub  2 months back

                                                      Jesus wept. Those nickel rods are cheap.

                                                      • The Metal Butcher
                                                        The Metal Butcher  2 months back

                                                        Where did you get that 5C collet chuck Adam? It looks real nice for larger lathes. Edit: Note to self: watch another minute.

                                                        • Kevin Hornbuckle
                                                          Kevin Hornbuckle  2 months back

                                                          Alex's Valliant is a cool project. Thanks for the update.

                                                          • LoppanH
                                                            LoppanH  2 months back

                                                            Like the trick of welding a washer first then a nut less room for error then.

                                                            • Evobrubaker
                                                              Evobrubaker  2 months back

                                                              Usin that nice Jimbo’s Garage tig holder! I like those!

                                                              • Timbo Dewabem
                                                                Timbo Dewabem  2 months back

                                                                Abom, did the broken vise have a name? I picked up the exact same one in good condition at a market in GB, liked the big anvil, looked like it had a nameplate at some point but had fallen off, were you able to discover the manufacture of it?

                                                                • Panhead49EL
                                                                  Panhead49EL  2 months back

                                                                  25:03 Clinched a little when Adam put his arm over the chuck like that.

                                                                  • Victory First
                                                                    Victory First  2 months back

                                                                    You really know how to handle and fix a large vice Adam. Good job fella too.

                                                                    • Paul Decker
                                                                      Paul Decker  2 months back

                                                                      Adam, I know you once had a fairly substantial sandblast cabinet. Not sure why you didn't keep it; perhaps because you don't do many tool restorations but sandblasting is an invaluable tool for that work.
                                                                      My sequence for clean-up is usually:
                                                                      1. scrape off large deposits of grease and chips
                                                                      2. power wash
                                                                      3. paint remover if paint is heavy
                                                                      4. sandblast
                                                                      5. wire wheel parts that won't be powder coated.
                                                                      I am not a patina guy and prefer my restored tools to look like they would have (or better) when new.

                                                                      BTW, do you still work at Motion? Haven't seen any videos of your work there lately.

                                                                      • neo 71665
                                                                        neo 71665  2 months back

                                                                        Also sandblasters aint sponsoring and giving him free stuff.

                                                                        I do agree 100% with your method though.

                                                                      • Evobrubaker
                                                                        Evobrubaker  2 months back

                                                                        Paul Decker I do know that he left Motion. I do believe it’s so he can focus on jobs in his shop, YouTube, and traveling but don’t quote me one the latter! I do know he left Motion though.

                                                                    • Art Nickel
                                                                      Art Nickel  2 months back

                                                                      Notice you went with TIG instead of MIG. You do nice work, good flow and penetration.

                                                                      • EartH2o Maintenance
                                                                        EartH2o Maintenance  2 months back

                                                                        On that bolt its acting like an EDM lol